Our Programs

BigHope programs provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), education and experience for students through hands-on robotics and coding learning, literacy and math development, mentoring, and opportunities for parent/student engagement.

Our programs are taught through a project-based learning approach that incorporates hands-on learning and online education resources, a high level of adult and student engagement, and enrichment activities and experiences.

All BigHope programs include curriculum that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the state’s academic standards. Our programs are delivered with low-cost materials and free, established online resources and are designed to be taught by educators, adults and teen mentors with minimal training and limited or no prior robotics experience. We engage with all student groups including students who are identified as English Language Learners, Talented and Gifted, and Special Education.  

Robotics Programs

The Robotics Program is designed for students, pre-kindergarten through high school, with no prior engineering or coding experience and can easily be incorporated into their regular classroom learning schedule.  Our program is delivered through a series of engaging, hands-on robotics projects and engagement/motivational activities that are delivered during the school year and in summer programs.

All robotics projects include the following core components: Robotics and coding, reading and read alouds, writing, math, and mentoring.


Teenz-N-Tech is designed to educate and integrate high school students into the world of technology through educating teens about various technology programs, training teens to teach the technology programs, and having teen students teach technology programs to elementary and middle school students. Since 2021, BigHope has been partnering with 

the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School of Innovation in the Dallas Independent School District to provide students with new STEAM education and opportunities to support the success and advancement of students. 

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